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Fundraising and Membership Outreach

Robust fundraising and membership outreach are an integral part of
any learning institution or organization’s success.

Membership and fundraising dollars allow an organization to grow, thrive, develop, support, and celebrate their people.

When you commit to participate in our Data Collection and Directory Production Program, fundraising and membership drive opportunities are created. How often do you get to speak directly with each one of your members without incurring considerable cost?

In order to maximize your opportunities for advancement, we offer the following programs:

No-Cost Programs

Non-Donor Transformer

  • Offered to Alumni Directory Project Clients
  • Bundle a donation request into the Directory offer for a defined donor group designated by you
  • Alternatively, you may forgo this option and PCI will provide a royalty to your organization for each Directory sold

Non-Member Transformer

  • Offered to Membership Directory Clients
  • Bundle a membership offer into the purchase price of the Directory
  • Membership types and levels defined by you

Other Programs

The Next 10%

The top 2% of your alumni and member prospects typically get a lot of TLC.

But what about the next group of prospects? The potential here often goes untapped.

That’s where PCI comes in.

Our Next 10% program helps you engage with and turn these people into Leadership Donors.

Ready to Begin?

Contact us at 800-982-1590 or at to get started.

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