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Print & Digital Directories

Alumni and Member Directories provide value to the lives of your constituents, both emotionally and professionally. Whether they use the Directory to locate former classmates, make professional connections, or as a memento of days gone by, the information is meaningful to them.

Committing to provide regular access to the most current information is an important part of maintaining a connected relationship. And since we provide this service at no cost to you, it’s also a no-brainer.

Without cost? How is that possible?

It’s rather simple. Our Directory Production project goes hand in hand with our Data Collection process. At the time of profile verification, members and alumni are offered the opportunity to reserve a digital or printed version of the directory as well as branded apparel. Alumni and members who purchase the products underwrite the cost of data collection as well the publication and shipment of the directory. PCI works with our clients to update the data, publish and distribute the directories and the branded merchandise. Plus: depending on the specifics of your chosen program, you may be eligible to retain a royalty for every directory order.

So few things in life are win/win/win, but our value proposition truly is.

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