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Data Collection

It all starts with Data Collection. Literally.

Each and every one of our projects begins with a comprehensive data collection process. We find your people, engage with them to update and expand their profiles, and then return all of this valuable data to you in a format and at a frequency of your choosing. Our Associates, who are caring, conscientious, and fully indoctrinated in the notthebigcompany way, represent your institution impeccably. And, safeguarding information is at the heart of what we do.

Our process utilizes the PCI-developed Accurate Real-Time Data System (ART), which includes:

  • Alumni data update/verification
  • Custom data can be designated for collection
  • Updated information returned to you at a frequency you determine
  • Access to key contact information that can readily be put to use
  • Immediate database incorporation – no manual editing needed

Ready to Begin?

Contact us at 800-982-1590 or at to get started.

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