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Career Choices

We believe our people have the capacity for greatness, and we want to see it.

We want the best for you and your career at NotTheBigCompany, and that means talking about it. Not just a once a year talk, but an on-going, continual conversation.

We call our program the Career Investment Discussion, or “CID.”

After three months of employment at PCI and every quarter thereafter, you will have a CID with your Supervisor.

The CID conversation is a formalized feedback process based on PCI’s five core values and is meant to accomplish two things:

  1. Establish and open the lines of communication that will guide this ongoing feedback process
  2. The commitment to a rolling 12-month development plan.

We believe in you and want you to do great things! We love developing our associates and promoting from within.

Unlocking human potential is one of our Core Values.

To accomplish this, we start by choosing the right people from the get-go. Then we develop them and support them to become the best that they can be.

Sometimes this means our people don’t end up where they started, because they discovered that a different role suited them better. We support that. Fit is everything.

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There is not a set career path at PCI. We have a broad spectrum of roles, an array of teams, and diversity of opportunity.
Take a look at the opportunities we currently have available. We invite you to apply for anything that speaks to you.

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