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How Values Impact Workplace Culture

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

Roy E. Disney

In any type of relationship, be it professional or personal, there are some “non-negotiables”. Knowing right from the start what your values and expectations are makes integrating a workplace much easier.

Strong values positively impact the work culture. Some important values of a great workplace culture include learning and growth, a culture that embraces fun and instills a service mentality. Being able to infuse into your daily tasks that sense of contribution is extremely powerful and fulfilling.

Organizations that demand honesty and integrity, companies that have a clear passion for their purpose, leaders that work with a servant leadership mindset define the basis for creating an excellent work environment. A strong culture nurtures passion, ownership, collaboration and trust and, ultimately, associate engagement. And who doesn’t want to develop in such a context? Once the work values are clear, everyone understands the essential role their actions play and how their results are intertwined with the company’s success.

Creating a team that not only embraces these values but celebrates them will undoubtedly lead your organization towards success,” says Randy Conrad, PCI associate. At PCI, investing in like-minded people is a priority. So is supporting them in both their professional and personal development. The more expanded our team members feel, the more acknowledged, the better they perform and the more we satisfy our shareholder’s expectations.

What about you, what are your organization’s core values?

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