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Be Prepared to Make a Few Tough Decisions

Want to create a company that has outstanding results and takes pride in creating an excellent work environment? Then, be prepared to make a few tough decisions.

What is the recipe for success? Let’s think about what it takes to make an amazing cookie. You have to have all high-quality ingredients measured out just right to make the most delicious treat you’ve ever tasted.

Creating a great work environment is much like mastering that baking of that cookie. You have to choose the right ingredients to make sure that you end up with that tasty final product. This is where some tough decisions need to be made.

When you have a company that has a great culture and people have heard about how fun it is to work there, we need to make sure that we’re hiring the right people for our culture. This means sifting through a lot of different resumes. Setting high standards is one thing while nurturing them is yet another.

Sometimes you’ll find that someone may have all of the technical qualifications that suit the position but maybe their values aren’t aligned with those of your company. “By examining each person with their unique personality and viewpoints you’ll be able to determine how well they’ll fit in with all of your existing ingredients,” Chelsea Voehse, PCI associate, confirms.

Now, this can mean turning away highly qualified people for the sake of upholding the integrity of your business. Choosing quality over quantity takes discipline but it makes all the difference in the end recipe that you’ve been working so hard to master.

So, now you can make your cookies and eat them too.

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