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Time Management Strategies for Servant Leaders

Time is the most precious resource leaders have. Here are three time management strategies to free up time and focus on what matters inside your organization.

1.Manage Meetings Better

Tired of meetings eating up your productive time? Here’s what you can do! Firstly, draw guidelines and be disciplined about following them. Secondly, show respect for everybody else’s time by only planning meetings during work hours and always showing up on time. Lastly, keep it clear and simple.

Stick to your meeting practices! They will help you better manage your time.

  1. Protect What’s “Sacred”

What are the most important three aspects of achieving success in your leadership? Once you’ve identified them, make a list of the actions that will support you with those three. Choose to invest most of your time and energy into accomplishing them. Invite associates to join you and hold each other accountable in keeping these priorities “sacred”. Focusing on what matters saves time and energy in the long run.

  1. Power Up Your Commute

Think of creative ways to transform commuting into productive time. What tasks can you do while in the car or on the train? Invested in your self-development? That’s the best moment to listen to an audiobook or an episode of your favorite podcast.

Keen on reading about Douglas Conant’s personal experience with these time management strategies? Read the article here!

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