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How PCI Became The #1 Company by Articulating It’s SEVEN Driving Values

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras reviewed 18 visionary companies so as to understand what was at the basis of their great results. The conclusion? According to their book “Built to Last” successful companies are created over decades thanks to their deeply ingrained values. Surely, they do not share the same values, they distilled and nurtured the most appropriate ones for their business, company culture and vision.

Similarly, at PCI, we place our values at the core of the services we provide and the relationships we build with our partners and clients. Values answer the question “what’s most important” to us as an organization. Values reflect our deepest held beliefs and reflect our most important priorities. Values impact every aspect of our lives, not only our morality and ethics. But how we treat others, how we treat our clients, our colleagues and others in the community.

“It’s interesting. Most people focus on goals, goal-setting, right, achieving goals? But the reality is goals, and the research reflects this, achieving a goal, does not drive human happiness. It’s only when a goal is tied to a value, something that’s important to us, when we achieve that goal, we get real satisfaction,” says Drew Clancy, president of PCI.

When Drew took over PCI, he put together a team and together they defined PCI’s core values. Their job wasn’t to “create” PCI’s values, but rather to capture and articulate them. Today, PCI’s seven driving values are excellence, people, integrity, service, fun, profitability, and change. Our values are celebrating the strong foundation that Drew’s father and grandfather put for PCI while focusing on improving and expanding the business.

According to Forbes, “Values are the heart of your culture. By hiring based on values and holding each other accountable to the company’s standards, the values become the fabric of the organization’s culture – regardless of who is in charge. If you hire people who lie, cheat, and steal, in time your company culture will be the same.  If you want your company to be innovative, you’ll need a team of “smart,” “curious,” “problem solvers” on your staff. The best way to hire and keep smart, curious, problem solvers is to already have an office filled with like-minded people who share the same values.”

At PCI, we put an emphasis on thought leadership, leadership of projects and ideas as a way to make our seven driving values more visible. “We believe people have potential. We believe people have the capacity for greatness,” Drew Clancy.

We are dedicated to developing leaders and leadership throughout our company – leadership of projects, ideas, and the promotion of our seven driving values. Because of our clearly articulated values, Texas Monthly and Dallas Morning News have named PCI as the #1 Mid-Sized company to work for in Texas and DFW area.


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