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PCI Prizes Associates

Thank you — two of the most powerful words one can offer to another. Simple yet certain to bring out smiles and pride.

Recognition and gratitude are vital to our “notthebigcompany” culture. Publishing Concept’s talented and passionate associates deserve to know they are exceptional. PCI actively pursues meaningful ways to say, “Thank you for a job well done.”


  • The Rockwell F. Clancy Award: Our highest award, and close to the heart of Drew Clancy, PCI President, is named in honor of his grandfather, whose values and honesty are the foundation for Publishing Concepts’ success.
  • Seven associates whose lives exemplify our Seven Driving Values and Seven Client Promises are presented with this coveted award.


  • PCI shuts down the entire company, discusses important business matters, and concludes by honoring outstanding PCI Associates. All eyes watch, as Drew Clancy calls each recipient to the front of the room, personally thanks them, and presents their award with a handshake.
  • Top Performers: The highest performing PCI Sales Associates receive merits ranging from trophies to framed certificates. Each year, 84 associates are recognized with gratitude.
  • Promise Award: Each month, seven associates who actively live our promises, receive framed certificates with a personalized description of their achievements.


  • Cabby Stories and Star Awards: During department meetings, associates are quick to verbalize the valuable work of colleagues. These accolades name the promise demonstrated, followed by a description of the associate’s actions.
  • PCI gifts numerous other “thank you” treats: Gift cards, cash, Rangers game, private bowling alley suite with catered gourmet Italian cuisine, birthday and PCI anniversary celebrations, and unlimited free ice cream and root beer floats for special accomplishments.

Our “notthebigcompany” culture lives by Servant Leadership. We hire the best people who fit the right job and truly appreciate excellence. Our associates make it easy to say, “Thank you.”

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