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notthebigcompany Speaks

Our business strategy is to be a great place to work. Learn more about our philosophy here.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

A vital part of PCI’s “notthebigcompany” culture is community service. The weekend of September 22nd, more than 70 PCI associates and their families and friends joined together to “make a difference” by refurbishing a home in South Dallas. 

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The Name of the Game

As stated, notthebigcompany is a mindset that fuels all of our relationships, both inside and outside of Publishing Concepts. Since we only select those candidates who have a passion for doing their best each and every day, we are able to work well together while also being true to ourselves.

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PCI Named Dallas Business

Dallas Business Journal names PCI as one of Dallas’ “Best Places to Work”

At PCI, we were thrilled to be named as one of Dallas Business Journal’s “2014 Best Places to Work.”  We refer to our business philosophy and workplace culture as “Notthebigcompany.” 

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Keys to Have a Successful Summer Internship Program

We are big believers in hiring summer interns at PCI. Interns bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to PCI’s notthebigcompany culture.Drew Clancy, PCI’s president and CEO, said “Interns are energetic and willing to learn. They are helpful, offer a fresh perspective, and bring new ideas to the table.” In fact, we have hired a number of…

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PCI SAMURAI Softball Team

PCI Samurais Havin’ a Ball

The Summer of 2014 served as a new beginning in many ways for PCI. Not only did we hire and welcome new associates, we also formed a softball team called “PCI Samurai.” The name of the team is embedded in two of the seven driving values of PCI: The Change value (“Like the samurai warrior, our…

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Why I Love PCI

At PCI, we call all our employees “associates,” because we work “with” each other and “serve” each other. We recognize that every person has the potential to grow and to be the best. We help each other become the best person we can be and work hard to create an environment conducive to such a…

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Using Values to Lead Effectively

Have you ever found yourself saying, “But I never intended to upset you!”?  Most of us have.  People judge our behaviors – not our intentions. If your words and your actions are consistent with your principles and values, you will build trust. People will respect you and feel confident that they can rely on you. …

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