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A Great Environment Promotes Communication

As James Humes put it, the art of communication is the language of leadership. Open lines of communication inside your company and you’ve won the game. When associates feel they can naturally speak their mind and that their opinions are taken into consideration, they become more engaged with the company. Not only productivity increases; team cohesion also improves.

“When I first started here, I was actually a little bit afraid. I’d been promoted early on, so for me it was a question of what I would say or what to say. Within a matter of days I was made to feel so comfortable. Those open lines of communication changed the whole atmosphere. It makes you want to do a better job, be a better person and give more,” PCI associate Vicki Sue Claytor says.

For many associates, transparent communication at work nurtures more authenticity. They feel they can show their true selves instead of showing the self they think people in management positions want to see. The best side of having a great workplace is creating an environment where your associates feel they can be who they really are every day.

Needless to say that when people feel seen and appreciated for who they truly are, they tend to be more loyal and maximize their efforts in terms of achieving the company goals. Great leaders value communication not only as means to improve the results of their company. They also understand that only through communication they can build a human-sized organization that is strong in front of adversity. Make communication your priority to show your team you value them and that you are always open to listening to their suggestions and opinions.

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