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“notthebigcompany” Holiday Party – 2014

Work is a part of life, and should be fun!  “Fun” is one of Publishing Concepts values.  We share that value with ourselves, our clients, alumni, and members.  No matter the day you’ll find us having lots of “notthebigcompany” fun.

That fun was certainly abundant at our 2014 Holiday party at Mattito’s:  we laughed, sang, ate, received awards and profit sharing benefits from Drew Clancy, our President and CEO.

Rex Petrasko celebrated 25 years of exemplary service with Publishing Concepts, receiving numerous awards AND a Hawaiian vacation for he and his wife Sherry, from PCI, for his commitment and dedication.

Publishing Concepts’ highest honor traces PCI’s roots back 93 years to the Rockwell F. Clancy Company, the nation’s first publisher of alumni directories.  The Rockwell F. Clancy Award, named after Drew Clancy’s grandfather, matches our promises with associates who best live those promises.


The 2014 Rockwell F. Clancy Award winners are:

Be Smart – Martin Schneider

Be Trustworthy – Francis Eyeson

Be Positive – Diana Haupt

Be Accountable – Delwin Henderson

Be Proactive – Michael Jelinek

Be Professional:  Ann Jaynes

Be Passionate – Mel Johnson

Perhaps the best part of the celebration is our “notthebigcompany” culture. PCI Sales Associate, Monica Wallace agrees, “Once you come here, you feel such a family-oriented place.  And this is why it feels like home to me.”

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