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9 Ways to Motivate People Using Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is intrinsically motivating. But what do you do when people bring their personal life to the office? Any savvy leader knows they have to have a toolkit to boost their team’s productivity and harness cohesion.

Follow these 9 servant leadership principles to take your team members to the highest level of motivation, self-actualization. Help them focus on personal growth both in their personal and professional life so as to move past any possible challenges in a constructive way.

  1. Open lines of communication to spot personal problems. Ask them about their feelings and what you can do to improve their work situation.
  2. Actively listen when they express themselves. Acknowledge their needs with empathy.
  3. See each of them as worthy and valuable. Hold all your people to the same high ethical standards.
  4. Exercise your emotional intelligence (EQ) and expand your self-awareness in a quest for better serving others.
  5. Build strong relationships by providing them with professional development opportunities. Make investing in their personal growth your priority.
  6. Empower them to take decisions within their group in a responsible way. Remind them that they play a capital role in the performance of the company.
  7. Lead by example. Be that person of character whose moral standards makes them worthy of respect and trust.
  8. Make use of the company’s mission and vision to motivate and inspire your team.
  9. Create a work culture where people come first.

As leader, your main focus is on each individual’s growth, as well as the company’s. Do your leadership practices motivate your team? Read the complete article here to make sure you have the most appropriate servant leadership practices in place.

Source: 9 Ways to Motivate People Using Servant Leadership by David McCuistion

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