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We believe in the key concepts of servant leadership: serve first and leadership will follow, have big dreams, be aware, accept and empathize, respond to problems by listening, seek to persuade rather than force, joy and peace come from within, take action (don’t be satisfied to be a critic or an expert), and one step at a time: the way great things get done.

Servant First, Leader Second 2

Servant First, Leader Second

Recently, I came across this article on that really changed how I view Servant Leadership. Servant leadership became a buzzword, casually used by some who don’t practice what they preach. When was the last time you chose to be in service of your team? Excellent team leaders step up and get the business done even…

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High Impact Leaders

25 Specific, High-Impact Practices for Leaders

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” as John C. Maxwell put it. To be a peak-performer, deliver optimal results for your stakeholders and empower your team, develop your own leadership model; one that is based on your purpose, core beliefs, personal story and unique know-how. To…

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The Best Leaders Are Ambassadors

I recently read this article placing a strong emphasis on integrity as a mandatory foundation for successful leadership. Consistently doing what you said you would do by when you said you would do it sets a standard, not only for yourself, but also a model for your team. Consider this: doing what is right even…

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Great Leader

If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present

I recently read this article emphasizing how mindfulness is key to successful leadership. You know that little voice that pops up into our head, distracting us from a conversation or just filling up the silence with chatter? As leaders, reducing that inner voice actually helps us be more present for our collaborators. A Bain &…

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Leadership Resolutions

Leadership Resolutions for 2018

According to the Conantleadership blog, continuous improvement is at the heart of leadership that works and at the center of a fulfilling life. As 2018 is approaching, it is time to set leadership resolutions. Here’s a list of easy-to-implement steps to improve your leadership skills and have your most productive year yet. Be a helper Your collaborators have as…

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: How To Put Your People Before Yourself

I recently read this Forbes article on how servant leaders are an invaluable asset for a company. A servant leader is constantly focused on serving his people and delivering the best results for the stakeholders. Here are four aspects to take into consideration if you want to be the best leader that you can. 1.…

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great leaders

What Do Great Leaders Have in Common?

I recently read an article on common traits great leaders share written by Douglas R. Conant. They have the capacity to be both people-focused and performance-oriented. Here are seven tactics that best leaders use. 1. Prioritize building trust Great leaders understand that earning people’s trust equals unlocking their higher potential. In a high-trust environment, teams…

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How to Increase Client Satisfaction and Retention

The customer is king. You might have heard this saying. Well, here at PCI, this is what we stand for. We focus on creating a space where we can best serve our clients. How do manage to excel at that? First, we invest in our team members. When associates feel good about their work, it…

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Team Work

Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude

Do You Have the Right Attitude to Motivate People? Monique Valcour’s recent article on Harvard Business Review caught my attention: Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude. This article is about what it takes for leaders to develop the right attitude to motivate their teams. Finding motivation is not a big deal. Sustaining a certain…

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leadership PCI

Why Taking Responsibility is Always the Best Leadership Choice

I recently read this article on ConantLeadership blog: Why Taking Responsibility Is Always the Best Leadership Choice. This article makes a compelling argument: to build trust and consolidate leadership, you must take responsibility. A challenging situation, when the stakes are high, is the best moment for you to take ownership and show up as a…

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