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Around here, culture is king. Over the years we’ve proactively and consciously created a unique nottthebigcompany culture centered around our core values, purpose, vision, goal and commitment.

purpose driven team

Four Questions to Build a Purpose-Driven Team

Purpose. It’s the driving force behind every powerful team. Purpose ignites passion. When people work with passion, it means they are engaged and will invest their best in the work they do. The Four Essential Questions Your business purpose derives from the question “Why do we do what we do?”. Take a look at the…

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Servant Leadership Quotes

30 Servant Leadership Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Servant leadership is a business philosophy that is becoming more and more present in companies around the world. It is the foundation for leading other effectively, by putting people first. At PCI, we believe people can achieve much more when they feel inspired by a purpose greater than themselves. Here are 30 quotes to inspire…

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work meaning

Change How You View Work to Find Meaning in It

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction,” John F. Kennedy. Do you ever wonder why is it that some rich and successful people feel unaccomplished while people working in extremely difficult conditions on minimum wage have a sense of fulfillment? It all boils down to purpose. Follow these four pieces of advice…

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motivation at work

Latest Research: Associate Engagement Key Driver of Client Delight

Do you know what motivates your team? I recently read an amazing HBR article on this subject:What Really Influences Employee Motivation. Seems like how well people work is a direct result of why they work. In other words, motivated associates tend to produce happier customers. Surely, it all boils down to the company culture. In…

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How to Choose Goals That Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Your ability to set clear goals dictates the success of your team. It also traces the direction of your team’s efforts. Create a shared vision that everyone resonates with. This will make it easier to work productively, investing time and resources in a pertinent way. According to a recent article on conantleadership blog, “For leaders to…

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purpose-driven culture

4 Ways to Create a Purpose-Driven Culture Your Employees Love

A recent article by Brian Scudamore on Inc. magazine made me think about the workplace culture and why finding real meaning at work beats just getting paid for employees now. I was surprised to learn that Half of millennials (that is 75 percent of the workforce by 2025) prioritize finding meaning at work over money.…

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Setting and Knowing Expectations

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PCI Profitability Value – Our Goal Is To Build A Great And Lasting Organization

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Business is Personal

Business is Personal

By: Drew Clancy, PCI President and CEO Did you know that you spend 45% or more of your waking hours at work? Here’s a quick breakdown:       168 = The number of hours in a given week (24 hours x 7 days = 168)       56 = The number of hours we sleep (assuming we sleep an average 8…

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PCI Culture

PCI Culture is a Formidable Foe in the Fight Against Cancer

Publishing Concepts is a proud sponsor, and participant, in “Relay for Life,” the American Cancer Society’s largest annual fundraising event in the world. On Friday, May 15, 2015, more than 70 PCI team members united for this cause. Like the samurai warrior, from our value of Change, our motto is “Act Fearlessly.” TEAM SAMURAI all…

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