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Business is Personal

By: Drew Clancy, PCI President and CEO

Did you know that you spend 45% or more of your waking hours at work?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  •       168 = The number of hours in a given week (24 hours x 7 days = 168)
  •       56 = The number of hours we sleep (assuming we sleep an average 8 hours each a night)
  •       112 = The number of hours we are awake each week (168 – 56 = 112)
  •       50 = The number of hours you are at work (assuming a 40-hour week), driving to and from work (assuming one hour a day), and getting ready for work (one hour per day)
  •       50 / 112 = 45%!!

And that doesn’t include the hours we spend thinking about work when we are with our friends and families (not a good thing)!

45% is a big number.

45% means we spend a large percentage of lives at work.

45% is one of the reasons that at notthebigcompany, we believe that work should be MEANINGFUL.  At PCI, we want to make a difference in the lives of others with the work we do.  It is a key driver that helps define what we mean by notthebigcompany.


But before delving deeper into what notthebigcompany is, let’s first talk about what the notthebigcompany is NOT.

Unfortunately, there’s a concept that is widely believed to be true.

At its center, the idea is that you and I are two people:

  • There’s who we really are – who we are in our “personal life.”
  • And then there’s this other person – who we are at work.

This belief is accepted by many people.  In fact, a number of best-selling books have been written that describe the type of person we need to be in order to be successful at work.

This idea says you and I need to leave our personal self out in the parking lot every morning so that we can be successful at work.  We need to put on a persona, a mask each morning before we walk into the office.

One common expression that in many ways captures the essence of this concept is: “It’s just business…  It’s nothing personal.”

Well, at notthebigcompany, we believe that business IS personal.

At notthebigcompany, we believe that to be successful, there is no imaginary line between our personal self and our work self.  We believe that we should be the same person at work as we are at home.

We believe that bringing our authentic self to work every day is something that makes us both a great company to work for and a great company to do business with.

It starts with values.

At PCI, our goal is to attract, select, and retain associates who share our values.  We don’t believe you can “teach” someone your values.  Rather, we are looking for great people who’s values are aligned with ours.

We are looking for people who set goals and hold themselves accountable (Excellence), who naturally enjoy helping others (Service), who choose to do the right thing, especially when no one else is looking (Integrity), who like to laugh (Fun), who understand that life has way of throwing the occasional curve ball (Change), who are energized by doing whatever it takes to make the client happy (Profitability), and who have a passion for growth and learning (People).  These attributes are at the heart of PCI’s Seven Driving Values.

During a recent graduation talk at George Washington University, Apple President and CEO Tim Cook said:

“We believe that a company that has values – and acts on them – can really change the world.  And an individual can too.  That can be you.  That must be you!   Graduates – your values matter.  They are your North Star.  And work takes on new meaning when you feel you are pointed in the right direction.  Otherwise, it’s just a job.  And life is too short for that.”

Values are the foundation for being the same person at work as in our personal lives.   It’s also about tapping into our passion.  At notthebigcompany, we are passionate people.  We are passionate about life.

It’s also about playing to our strengths.  We are a “strengths-based” organization, which means we want our associates to be able to use their strengths every single day.

In addition, it’s about ideas.  As a servant leadership organization, we believe the best ideas are not necessarily in the heads of myself or our other top managers.  We know the best ideas come from all over – from our colleagues at all levels, from our clients and also from our supplier-partners.

And finally, notthebigcompany is about tapping into our dreams.  We started 2015 with each department here at PCI putting together a vision for the year 2020, their vision for the future they want to create.  This process was not just an exercise.  We wanted to tap into each our associate’s greatest aspirations.

So, notthebigcompany is about bringing our authentic self to work every day – our values, our passions, our strengths, our ideas, and our dreams.  This is what makes notthebigcompany unique, special, and ultimately powerful.

For many people, work is about “punching the clock” or seeing their work as purely a means to enjoy other facets of life.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  At PCI, we say “Work is an important part of life and it should be fun!”

One day, we believe many people and businesses will think like this.  We just happen to be on the vanguard.  Which is where we want to be.   We want to be thought-leaders, trailblazers, setting an example for other organizations.

I hope your will join us or partner with us!

Drew Clancy

PCI President and CEO

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