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Lead With Drew

Hi everyone! It’s Drew. I’m the CEO at Publishing Concepts and I am a workplace culture enthusiast.

The next logical question is – what exactly is a workplace culture enthusiast and why would I refer to myself in that way?

The short answer is I am passionate about the power of organizations becoming great places to work.  In fact, at PCI, that is our primary business strategy: building a dynamic, engaging workplace culture and becoming a great place to work.  Here’s why:

Happy associates = Happy clients

And, what do happy clients do?  They buy more and tell their friends.  In other words:

Happy associates = Happy clients = Happy company

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And what does a smart, thriving company do?  It invests in its most important asset – its people, who then work hard to satisfy our clients, who then refer us to their peers, which benefits PCI, and so on and so forth.

To achieve these objectives, over the years we have proactively and consciously created a unique company culture that we refer to as “notthebigcompany.”

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Drew’s Reading List

I've collected an eclectic list of books I’ve really enjoyed over the past couple of years.

Our view on being a great place to work differs from the common understanding, i.e. many people believe that the key to building a great workplace culture is offering lots of perks – ping pong tables, beer taps on Friday afternoons, chair massages, leading edge health benefits, etc.  Now, these aren’t bad ideas, but in our view, they have little to do with building a world class workplace culture.

At the heart of our notthebigcompany culture is the intersection of five complementary elements:

  • ourPurpose (WHY we exist): We inspire dreams and transform lives
  • ourVision (WHERE we are going): We want to earn a spot on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For® list
  • ourGoal (WHAT we do): Every client should be referenceable
  • ourPromises (HOW we do it): Be Proactive, Be Accountable, Be Trustworthy, Be Positive, Be Passionate
  • ourValues - which we call "TheFIVE" (WHO we are)

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